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Did you know that:

 * A range of 3 meters
The harmonic Field that the EMF Health Card creates around you has a 
range of 3 meters on both sides of the Card. The closer you are to the 
Card, the stronger the Card works.
* 100% natural materials
The EMF Health Card is made exclusivly from 100% natural materials. The
outside is made from organically grown corn. The inner frame consists 
of the Harmonic Bismuth in combination of natural metal.

* Use according to your wishes
The Card can be used to your personal preference. You can decide whether
you want to have it with you all day or just for several hours and
which symbol, energizing or calming, you want to use. You feel what your
body needs and what feels good.

* Energetic water
When you put the Card under or against a glass of water for a few minutes, the natural structures in the water recovers.

* a natural protection
Unlike other anti-radiation products that only block the radiation from 
one device, the EMF Health Card creates strong natural protection 
against all radiation, anytime and anywhere.

* Originating from The Netherlands
The EMF Health Card is developed and made in The Netherlands. Our team
has combined medical, energetic and physical knowledge with the
scientific approach of a pharmaceutical researcher.

* Automatically adjusts its strength.
The EMF Health Card adjusts its strength based on the energy of the 
unnatural radiation. The higher the electrosmog, the harder the Card 
works to neutralize any effects of the electrosmog.

* Maintenance free
The EMF Health Card contains no electronics and is therefore maintenance
free. Provided the Card is not physically damaged, it can last a

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