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  • Hoe werkt de kaart?

Hoe werkt de kaart?


Above we see an example of the negative, disruptive effects of strong EMV radiation. The water structures are broken and this has multiple harmful biological effects on the human body.
The HQR (Harmonic Quantum Resonator) technology in the Card creates such a powerful harmonic EMF that is stronger than the unnatural EMF radiation. This harmonic EMF has the ability to undo negative effects by restoring the inner water structure in the body.

The 4 application options:

The side with the arrow has a stimulation energy. The side with the loops (flowerpattern) has a calming effect. Wear the desired properties towards your body. Point, when using powerboost strips, the side with the desired effect (calming or stimulating) towards the body.

1.Personal EMF protection
Carry the Card with you every day, for example in your pocket (not backpocket), chest pocket, handbag, backpack, or put the card, while working, on your desk etc.  

2.  Personal EMF protection
At night, you can place the card on your nightstand, flat, or placed on the side. Give the card support, to prevent it from falling over.
With the flower pattern towards you it gives a restful and nice sleep.

3. Power boost:
Make contact with the thumband forefinger with the power boost strips on the side of the Card. (See example). Point the desired properties towards your body.

4. Power boost:
Aim the Card immediately at a distance of 15 cm (6 inches) to 20 cm (8 inches) from where you are experiencing problems. Depending on the nature of the problem, the Card can provide relief.  Choose the calming site (flower pattern) or the stimulating side (pencil pattern) of the card.

Practical tool.

With the HQR Card (EMF) you have a practical tool to reduce the negative effects of so-called EMF emitters (that are, 3G, 4G, 5G masts,Wi-Fi, mobile phones, smart meters, etc)
The HQRT Card has a large effective range of approximately 3 meters (9.8 ft) . You can carry this Card all the time with you. Any place that falls within the effective range of the HQRT Card is in principle suitable.
The Card has two so-called power boost strips on the sides. Tests have shown that finger contact with these strips increases the power of the HQR Card. This means that the Card can also be used for local complaints.  

Spatial EMF protection.

The Card can also be used in a spatial setup. This is a useful method, where several people stay in the same room for a longer period of time, for example office and other workplaces.
To achieve a sufficient "coverage ratio", of course, several cards are required for this. The rule of thumb here is the effective scope of the card, taking into account an overlap of 50 cm (20in) between the separate cards.
Spatial EMF protection can improve the living atmosphere in the room.

Example spatial EMF protection

Card distribution in an area of almost 150 m2. In this example, 6 Cards are required (diameter is 6 meters (20ft), with 100 cm (39in) in overlap).
Cards can, if desired, be placed invisibly in spaces under various objects, or by sticking Cards with double-sided adhesive tape under or behind tables, benches, cupboards, devices etc.


EMF location protection

Another approach is EMF location protection. This method can be useful for permanent workplaces. Every workplace, desk etc. is provided with a Card and offers local protection within a 3 meter (10ft) radius.
EMF location protection can of course also be considered in a home setting. Also take your bedroom in account, where usually 1/3 of the time is spent.          

Example EMF location protection

Advantage ( compared to spatial protection: usually fewer Cards are needed.
Disadvantage (compared to spatial protection): no full coverage of the space in which people work.

Operating & safety instructions:

The Card has been tested for a long time with various test subjects. As far as we know, no relevant complaints have occured. If that is different or feels different for you, then it might be useful to built up the use of the Card slowly. Experiment with the Card in that sense, and act on what feels right to you.
Do not leave the Card in the sun for a long period of time. Also prevent the Card from becoming excessively wet, and avoid temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. If necesssary, clean the Card with a damp cloth.
Never open the Card, subtle connections in the Card will be permanently and irreparably damaged.         


We do not claim in any way to cure a disease with this device or to offer full radiation protection. The information and/ or products are offered without any form of guarantee and/ or claim to correctness.

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