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  • Is EMF schadelijk?

Is EMF schadelijk?


Is EMF harmful?

EMF  that is naturally generated is in perfect balance. The damage to human health comes from the artificial EMF, from different devices that we use every day.The authorities (government and decision-makers) evaluate the impact of EMF (radiation) with the increase in body temperature.  
As long as it is not above 1 degrees Celsius, they consider it as safe for human beings. Many other devices can easily cause a temperature fluctuation of 1 degrees C.(e.g.heaters, the sun etc) and this is not so important.                 

The damage comes from the introduction of artificial (by mankind made) radiation (EMF), such as (3G, 4G and now 5G, Wi-Fi and all others created by humans elektromagnetic fields. These sources cause a significant imbalance of the natural EMF (radiation) and have a negative effect on people. 

There has been done a lot of research into whether or not alleged effects of EMF transmitters.
The industry likes to rely on the relatively harmless thermal effects, but a multitude of scientific studies demonstrate harmful non-thermal EMF effects.

In the coming years superfast 5G-internet will be introduced. To ensure high speed in busy areas , many more masts and small antenna installations are needed. These antennas are close together and appear everywhere in the street, they are placed in bus shelters, lampposts and on top of buildings.   

 Prof. Dr.  M. Pall from the University of  Washington has conducted many studies on this subject. He discovered different neurological diseases associated to EMF radiation such as sleep disorders, headache, fatigue, depressive symptoms, restlessness, stress and more.     
"(Prof. Dr.M.L.Pall, Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy, 2016).

M.L.Pall emeritus professor  of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at the Washington State University:
Repeated studies show that  exposure to EMF radiation  causes sperm damage and neurological effects, EEG changes, cell death, DNA damage, endocrine changes en calcium overload
(M.L.Pall, Environmental Research, 2018)
More than 30 studies have shown the impact of artificial EMF.  

Scientists warn of the potential serious health effect of 5G.                                                                                                                                       

In a call to the European Union, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warn of the danger of 5G.                                                      
Rolling out a 5G network leads to a huge increase in invuluntary exposure to unnatural radiation, according to the scientists.      
One of the initiators is Dr. L.Hardell, professor of oncology at Örebro University in Sweden.
He explains: "The telecommunications industry is trying to market technology that can have very real unwanted and harmful effects on people's health. Scientific studies, both recent and long-term, have
identified adverse health effects when testing wireless products under realistic conditions. We are very concerned that the increase in radiation exposure of 5G will lead to irreversible damage".

Research results of radiation on the body.

The images below show the differences in saliva crystal formation when exposed to mobile radiation without and with using the EMF Health Card. The image showing the crystal formation without using the EMF Health Card shows that, when exposed to mobile radiation, a disturbed and non-harmonic crystal formation occurs. The same load on mobile radiation in combination with the use of the EMF Health Card creates a harmonious and structured crystal structure.
As can be seen, the difference is significant. The same happens with the structure of your body water, which is your natural protection against radiation.

Without Card - non harmonic effect                                                    With Card - harmonic effect


Research results of electrosmog on the plants

To make the influence of unnatural radiation visible to the naked eye, an experiment has been carried out with germinating plants. 
The aim of this experiment was to investigate the influence of electrosmog om the developments of the plants. Two installations were used, both installations were exposed to the radiation of a digital cordless (DECT) telephone. The conditions were the same in both setups, except that in one setup the EMF Health Card was placed next to the phone.

After six days, the difference in gemination results is clearly visible. As can seen on the photo, in the setups without EMF Health Card only 2 seeds have germinated, in contrast to the setup with the EMF Health Card where 9 seeds have germinated.

In addition to the fact that more seeds have germinated in the setup with the EMF Health Card, the seedlings also look greener and healthier. This shows that, despite the equal environmental conditions, the negative radiation from the DECT phone has an adverse effect on plant development and growth. An effect that is neutralized by the HQR technology in the EMF Health Card.

        Day 3                                                                                                        Day 6


Research into energy fields around the body.

One of the characteristics of a healthy and strong energy field around a living person is that it is fully comprhehensive and evenly distributed. However, this is not the case with the first two people (left and center) in the picture. 
Both energy fields are weakened and non-harmonious: there are holes in the field and the field has an irregular and disordered distribution. The third person (right) shows the energy field when using the EMF Health Card with HQR technology. This energy field is strong, comprehensive and evenly distributed. In short: harmonious.


The photos were taken with a GDV camera.

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