Triggerpoint massage, Neuromassage, Aurareadings

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Not satisfied, money back

Are you not satisfied with the EMF Health Card?
You can return the undamaged card within 30 days
and the purchase amount will be transferred to you
within 14 days.

When returning, please provide us with the
Following information: name, address,
date of purchase and bank account number.

Personal contact

Do you have questions about the EMF Health Card,
even when you are already using it? Do not hesitate
and contact us by email or phone. We are ready to
answer your questions.

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Your order will be sent for free. So there  are
no unexpected extra costs or other surcharges
with your order.

Shipped within 24 hours

Your order will be shipped within 24 hours via the
well-known postal and delivery services. You do not
have to stay at home for receiving, we send your
order as letterbox mail.