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Water structure

The volume of the body consists of approx. 90% water and is approx. 75% water by weight. This body water is naturally structured hexagonally. This means that the water molecules in the body (in a healthy state) mainly occur in hexagonal structured shapes. This shape is created by the attraction of the different polarity atoms. A water molecule is a dipole and therefore resembles a magnet with plus and minus pole. In a naturalsitutaion, this structured body water offers a protective vest against radiation. Natural radiation from the sun, cosmos and earth supports and strengthens this protective function.

Harmoniously structured connections form a network in our body through which all tissues and cells come into contact and can communicate with each other.
When these connections are disrupted, the tissues and cells in our body become "out of communication". Under the influence of natural radiation, 
the structure of water molecules remains the same, but under strong unnatural and non-harmonic radiation, the structure of the water molecule is increasingly disrupted. as a result, the body loses its natural protection.

One suffers from possible harmful effects as previously described. Body water does not naturally consist of loose, unstructured water molecules. The EMF Health Card 
neutralizes the potential effects of the electrosmog, giving the body the opportunity to restore its protective water vest against radiation.

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